100% Sent (and sorry it's been so long!)

Cru Seniors at Fall Getaway (staff team behind them)

The goal: To send students out into the world to live missionally wherever the Lord leads them. To be sent as laborers for His harvest, to reach the world for Christ. 

This is the largest graduating class I have seen since being on staff with Cru! I am truly amazed at what the Lord has done in each one of their hearts over the past 4 years. How He has stretched their faith and used them on campus. They have put their blood, sweat and tears into making Jesus known on campus. And for that, I am thankful. 

Would you pray for them? 

This is a very bittersweet time for them as they reflect on the past four years and pass the torch to other students and as they discern God's plan for after graduation in December or May. Some are thinking about giving a year of their life to serve the Lord overseas and here in the US and some are thinking how they can have an impact in the business world. Either way, in vocational ministry or in the workplace, they will have opportunities to share Christ with people. That's our prayer at least. 

The Five Things is a tool that we use to help graduating Seniors transition well into the "real world" and to continue growing in their relationship with Jesus. Maybe they will help you too:

1. Kingdom Vision- It's the idea of understanding God's big picture, seeing how you fit into what He's doing, and then letting that influence your decisions and choices now and in the years to come.

2. Team- A "team" is two or more people coming together who share a common kingdom vision. We all need people who will encourage us to stay on mission. People we can pray with and put some plans in place. People we can live out our kingdom vision with. 

3. Plan- "If you aim at nothing you'll hit it every time." Passion and tenacity will only get you so far. If you are going to fulfill the vision God has given you, you're going to need to take some strategic and tactical steps to get you there. Having some sort of plan is all about being intentional with how you move toward your kingdom vision.

4. Ongoing Equipping- Successful people are always growing and developing. Effective organizations are always adapting. Championship teams are always improving. Ongoing equipping is anything you need in order to help fulfill your kingdom vision. This can include further education, skills, tools, training and resources. These things will help you in your journey of walking with God and serving Him for a lifetime. 

5. Coaching- Proverbs stresses the importance of gaining wisdom from others. We can never underestimate the blessing of another who has gone before us and learned a thing or two along the way. A coach is just that person: someone to answer your questions, help you and your "team" when you are stuck, and encourage you when the going gets tough. 

Thanks for investing, praying, and being a part of these students' lives. I'm excited to see where the Lord leads them! 


VERD Campamento 2013

This past weekend was Vida Estudiantil's annual weekend retreat in Boca Chica. It was a blast hanging out with students from 5 different universities in the DR and the summer project. The weekend was packed with talks from Keith and Sheri Onishi, the Cru leaders of all Latin America, training times for students to learn about how to 
share the gospel, follow-up with new believers, 
and what it means to be a leader.
The theme of the weekend was "Portavoz" or "Spokesperson"

Listening to Juan Marcos and Robbie rap a song they wrote .
SO talented! 

Keith sharing that we need to first be connected to Jesus
before we talk about him with others

Sheri talking about how we wear masks and how that effects us
in being  spokespeople for Jesus

spending time with the Lord

Praying for each campus

Leadership training

Evangelism training

Playing games on the beach

Jumping rope! 

Me and Ruth hanging out on the beach


with Leyla

UNPHU girls!

with the girls from UCE in San Pedro

sweet girls from UTESA

My table being served by the men

The girls being served by the men of Vida and Summer Project

Serenading us.

Candlelight worship on the beach

Worshiping in Haitian Creole

Keith and Sheri sharing the need 
for laborers in Latin America

Notice no one is standing near this beast of a bonfire.
Felt like a million degrees!!

Does this picture even need a caption

My beautiful discipleship group! 

Leyla and Prospero received a poster with notes from all the
students showing appreciation for all their prayer and hard work they put into making Jesus known in the DR. 

Me and Estefania.

Being silly with Prospero and Leyla


The whole gang! 

STINTers, Prospero y Leyla con Keith y Sheri Onishi

See you in 15 days USA! 


my life in pictures

There is just too much that has happened in recent weeks to write about in detail. So, here are some pictures of what life and ministry have been like lately. 

Spending the day at Parque Mirador Sur

Daily life: Cramming 6 people (driver makes 7) into a public car.
On the way to the park! 

Playing UNO!

Summer Project hanging out 
Only in the DR would hanging out at the park turn into spontaneous
worship with a church's youth group

Learning to make a traditional Dominican dish: Sancocho 

Enjoying our Sancocho with these sweet girls! 

a BIG pot of Sancocho

Being gangster on the roof

Went back to one of my favorite places: Bienvenidos- Proyecto de Vida Dale de Comer

They LOVE playing with hair! 

Playing Beauty Shop

Hanging in the shade of a dugout
Feeding the kids. This is the only meal many of them get every day. 

This cutie wearing a CofC hat. 

Precious little boys watching the cement truck

Me and Veronica, the one who started it all.
What a blessing this woman is to this community! 

Enjoyed a baseball game. Athletes in Action (sports ministry of Cru) vs. UASD

Platano Power! 
Take me out to the ball game...

Roberto (with a plantain) and Juan Marcos and Star

So that's what I've been up to lately. 

This weekend is the long awaited Vida Estudiantil Campamento! This is a weekend retreat that students look forward to all year where they grow in their faith, learn how to better reach their campus with the gospel, and grow as leaders. We are looking forward to hearing from Keith Onishi, the Crusade area director for Latin America, 
and his wife and kids,  all flying in from Costa Rica. 

Many Blessings,